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Many might think that radio belongs to a bygone era but it actually lies at the heart of the advertising business. Even today people tune into radio stations on the road and at home, making it a very popular and effective advertising medium.

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Radio Ads are highly effective way to reach a broad spectrum of audience.  Not only that, Radio Ads allow local targeting. If you want to reach out to a particular city or region, all you have to do is air your ad on a particular FM channel. Besides, Radio Ads are cost effective and give you the edge of multiple repetitions. Audience need to hear the Brand message several times before they are convinced to take action, Radio Ads make that possible easily. The low production costs are an added advantage as Radio Ads do not require elaborate sets but only a strong script to make them work.

Zane helps you to cash in the advantages of Radio Ads to reach your target audience effectively. As a reliable and dependable marketing firm, we are the first choice for Brands looking to create lasting recall value through Radio Ads.

Types of Radio Ads

  • Jingles
  • RJ Mention
  • Sponsorship Tag
  • Radio Contest
  • Time Check
  • Studio Shift
  • Roadblock

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We help you capture the various kinds of Radio Ads available to meet your Brand Marketing Goals. These include:


Jingles are highly popular form of Radio Advertising. With the lowest rates among various formats of Radio Ads and air time ranging between 10 second to 2 minutes, Jingles on Radio are a highly viable marketing strategy. Zane helps you to make powerful Jingles that linger on in the audience minds.

RJ Mention

A well known RJ’s mention about the Brand on radio is perfect yet subtle format for Radio Advertising. A premium amount is charged for these RJ mentions.

Sponsorship Tag

FM Radio Stations offer Sponsorship Tags Complimentary as part of advertising package. Brands can sponsor sought-after programs on Radio and maximize their reach.

Radio Contest

A smart marketing strategy that comes at a premium price, Brands can give away prizes to winners of Radio Contests hosted by renowned RJs on their Radio programs.

Time Check

A long term format for persistent advertisers, Brands can become patrons for Time Check on FM Radios and let their Brand message be aired every time the clock is checked.

Studio Shift

A premium advertisement segment, Brands can get their events covered by Radio RJs at their location. Although expensive, this kind of marketing generates great reach and buzz among the target audience.


Another premium format for Radio Ads, Roadblock gives Brands the option to play only their ads over a given period of time. Though heavily charged, it gives the Brands an open air environment to diffuse their Brand message.

Why Us?


We focus on making our ads lively, simple and understandable. Giving out the message by integrating a soothing voice, a pacifying tune/music and a creative yet uncomplicated mix of words, makes the product or the message pop up and lingers on in the minds of the consumers. We strive to grab the attention of the consumers by poking their inquisitive mind and staying there long enough to peak their interest.

Authenticity & Simplicity

To make the ads interesting, we seek to pack authenticity, simplicity along with deep knowledge of the product/brand and the target audience. Knowing your audience is the biggest asset for any advertisement to perform miracles, which would not only make it more personal and relatable but also credible and well-connected to the audience. The master key however lies in Simplicity. An ad that can sway the consumer without overwhelming them with over the top information is bound to become impactful.

Clever phrasing & Enunciation

The deal breaker in making an ad rewarding is effective communication, articulation and an intermesh of rationality and affectivity. We make sure that our ads are devoid of monotonous and boring phrases and are loaded with powerful burst of emotions, logic and precision. Since visualization isn’t a part of radio ads, we make sure that our bold, creative and catchy phrases are a treat for the ears, making them more impactful and soul stirring.

Zane excels in helping you grab the large scale potential consumers that Radio offers. We make attention capturing ads that leave a lasting impression.  At Zane Marketing, not only we make #intrend Radio Ads for you, we also help you get the best time bands for airing your Ads with our great networking. Check out the cost details:

  • Morning Prime Time (07:00AM – 12:00PM)
  • Afternoon Time Band (12:00PM – 05:00PM)
  • Evening Prime Time (05:00PM – 09:00PM)

Radio Advertising isn’t complex if you have the understanding and a passionate, persuasive partner who can help you to reach your desired goals. Zen Marketing is the perfect companion to tell your company’s story and reflect your values coupled with a compelling zeal to help you gain visibility.

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From the very beginning, their work attracted good orders. Thanks to their efforts, I have some excellent clients now!

Ashima Grover

Founder @ DabbaForTails

Zanians are magicians. We were a new company with a new website and they helped us build traction and amazing results within a first few months. They took us form obscurity to page one search engine results for most of our keywords.

Saurabh Kochhar

CEO @ GrowthFile

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