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Blending marketing, audience psyche and innovation with perfect execution, Zane brings Outdoor Ads that grab eyeballs while sticking in the memory for long. In sync with modern times and modernistic attitude, Zane is known for passionate work that leaves a deep impression.

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OOH/Out-of-Home Advertising is one of the most promising and engaging advertising medium. With neither a remote to change the channel nor a minimize option to put it out of sight, it simply stands there engaging onlookers and conveying its message loud and clear!!

Considering the global and national advertising market trends, OOH has come out as a robust medium for Brands to spread awareness fueled by strong economic environment and increasing cyclical spend. Last year, the Indian Outdoor Advertising Market standing at INR 3085 Cr showed a formidable growth of 6% but the current trends this year show the market getting ready for a giant leap of 15%. These trends only confirm what advertisers have long known, Outdoor Ads offer a tidier environment for Branding far less crammed than other mediums.

Zane Marketing brings exactly that to the Outdoor Space, creating compelling Ads with staggering recall worth!!

Outdoor Advertising brings a huge impact canvas for advertisers because it gives more room for creativity and out of the box ideas. It is all about using the surroundings to convey a message or simply look at things differently and take the audience too at that plane of thinking. In fact, the average human span of attention is only 8 seconds and the job of convincing and connecting with the audience has to be done within this time frame. Only then, it is possible that among the hundreds of billboards and other outdoor ads that commuters look at daily, they will recall only those that stood out exceptionally.

Types of Outdoor Advertising

  • Hoardings and Billboards
  • Transit Ads
  • Street Furniture Ads
  • Road Median Advertising
  • Pole Kiosk Advertising
  • Metro Pillar Advertising

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Outdoor Ads by Zane draw the audience attention by penetrating their space with innovation. Simple messages, stunning visuals, unsaturated ideas is all that Zane do but with perfection. Light weight no fuss Outdoor Ads that leave the audience intrigued is a benchmark of Zane Marketing.

Zane Marketing is an Advertising Agency that is transformational!!

Hoardings and Billboards

The most popular among Outdoor Ads, Billboards are a great way to capture imagination especially with modern tech displays, Zane helps to create great Hoardings with social and cultural relevance that work for the Brand.

Transit Ads

These include Ads placed on Buses, Trains, Cabs, Metro and other vehicles. Offering Brands an opportunity to connect with the audience on the move, these Ads have a vast reach. Zane brings ads that demand attention with use of colorful creative graphics. With flexibility of size and location, these Ads can target diverse audience that can’t simply ignore it.

Street Furniture Ads

Urban cities and towns have a lot of Street furniture such as bus shelters, benches, parking garages, bathrooms, kiosks and more. In the modern times, these have entered even the small towns and villages offering a great way to engage and connect with the audience. Zane makes intimate Outdoor ads to drive the Brand message to your audience. Smart, thoughtful, creative Ads that stand out and seep in by Zane Marketing will take your Brand beyond the streets to every place they deserve to be!!

Road Median Advertising

Small sized boards placed on the dividers between the roads give advertisers a chance to make repeat impact as they are cheap and affordable and can be used in large numbers. With back lights, they remain lit even at night offering more mileage. Zane brings smart, well conceived Ads that attract passers leaving a great impact even through the traffic!!

Pole Kiosk Advertising

Poles between the roads and sides offer an effective and efficient way for Branding. These humble looking poles can be transformed into Impressive Incisive Advertising media by Intense Ads by Zane Marketing. A great way to increase awareness and sales, Zane Ads offers engaging enticing Pole Ads that has everybody talking!!

Metro Pillar Advertising

With the Metro covering entire cities and towns, the network of pillars offer a viable medium to send Brand messages. Zane Ads creates advertisements that create a buzz. With exceptional recall, Ads by Zane live in the memory for long.

Creating creative ads that have the power to stop people and look up, Zane Marketing brings Outdoor Ads that are Big Bold and deliver results. In the digital world, online media and mobile, audience have the option to skip commercials or click past advertisements, but when it comes to real life, Outdoor Ads cannot be skipped or blocked. Well located relevant Ads can still make a difference.

 Zane Marketing brings you such Ads that Impact.

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A Few Testimonials

Zanians are magicians. We were a new company with a new website and they helped us build traction and amazing results within a first few months. They took us form obscurity to page one search engine results for most of our keywords.

Saurabh Kochhar

CEO @ GrowthFile

Zane Marketing brings a way of conducting business which simply can’t be measured in hard rupee bills. They’ve not only consistently generated significant ROI for us but also created a 360° platform for our consumers to connect through.

Rajat Pawar

Services Head @ Zepetto India Co.​

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