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Custom advertising is how you get into the imagination of the people watching the ad with your product or service. Custom ads is an incredible choice for a company who wants to stand out of competition and want their product to be registered in the subconscious mind of the prospect.

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Custom advertising is the form of advertising which is extremely diverse and has endless scope of improvisation. Right from marketing on products to be given as gifts, to outdoor presence of brand on marketing collaterals like standees, custom advertising is everywhere. It is extremely beneficial for clients who do not have the budgets to put out massive ads on newspapers and magazines, or clients who have a very specific audience that they want to reach directly.

A good example of a brand that would need custom advertising is a meal service for corporates. Such brands can simply put up a communication outside corporate organizations and the audience can watch the communication. Zane’s expertise lies in custom advertising for the smaller brands, so that they can reach their target audience easily.

There are many innovative ways one can market oneself using custom marketing methods. Pen drives can be given to the customers with the brand’s name on it, and a pen drive is something that a customer is likely to keep for a longer duration of time. Thus, investing in something as simple as a pen drive becomes a major source of marketing for the customer. At the same time, a pen drive is a product that has a big chance of being passed around. Thus, the message goes on to multiple people, even though we only reached out to one.

Custom advertising is especially beneficial for businesses that are reaching out to other businesses. A business is more like to give gifts to another business in which the people concerned are known, as against audience in which the overall market space is not known and just distributing products across market segments will not make sense. Zane ensures that clients take the right decision of choosing the perfect marketing mode for their consumers so that money is not spent on the wrong medium unnecessarily.

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From the very beginning, their work attracted good orders. Thanks to their efforts, I have some excellent clients now!

Ashima Grover

Founder @ DabbaForTails

Zanians are magicians. We were a new company with a new website and they helped us build traction and amazing results within a first few months. They took us form obscurity to page one search engine results for most of our keywords.

Saurabh Kochhar

CEO @ GrowthFile

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