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Leverage the best that Airport Ads have to offer with targeted audience, cost effective advertisement suiting all kinds of budgets and locations that potential customers just can’t miss. Zane gets you all that and more with exclusive Airport Ads.

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Domestic Traffic in India in the month of November, 2019 touched a staggering figure of nearly 12.95 million. Amazing isn’t it? Imagine, reaching out to such a large number of people with an Ad campaign of your product/services, what a dream reach that would be!!

Airport and Airline Ads  offer plenty of viable options. Billboards and hoardings in various parts of the Airport such as Baggage, Check in area, ads on trolleys, Conveyor belt branding are some advertising alternatives to name a few. Airport lounges are a great place to put up banners, product sampling stalls or other innovative promotion ideas.

Besides, the in-flight options like Airline magazines offer a wonderful way to upscale your Brand marketing. Some of the popular magazines are Indigo’s Hello 6E, Jet Airways’ Jet Wings, Spice Jet’s Spice Route, Go Air’s Go Getter, Air Asia shopping catalogue and Air India’s in flight magazine. Moreover, there are international magazines such as Jet Airways’ Jet Wings International and Indigo International Hello 6E World that help to reach out International fliers. Luggage Tags, Boarding pass, Airport Wi-Fi, Benches in Airport Lounge and airline seat back are other ways for conveying Brand messages.

Airports and Airlines you can Target

Leveraging an extensive network, Zane helps your Ads to be seen at the most visible spots across various airports and airlines including:

S.No. Name Media Type
1 Delhi T3 Airport Advertising
2 Mumbai Airport Airport Advertising
3 Bangalore Airport Airport Advertising
4 Kochi Airport Airport Advertising
5 Chennai Airport Airport Advertising
6 Jet Airways Airline Advertising
7 Indigo Airlines Airline Advertising
8 Go Airways Airline Advertising
9 Spice Jet Airline Advertising
10 Vistara Airline Advertising
11 Air India Airline Advertising
12 Air Costa Airline Magazine

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Yes, Airport Advertising has become a part of the mainstay advertising bouquet and it does FLY!! Here’s how:

Captive Ambience Receptive People:

Airport Ads offer an environment like no other with its sophisticated luxurious yet leisurely ambiance and catches people in a receptive vibrant mode. Most air travelers are excited about the trip and the captivating settings of the Airport allows for extra attention to any kinds of Brand messages. 

Ready to Spend Audience

Air travellers are usually people with deep pockets looking for a good buy. The right Brand message can inspire this affluent audience who sees shopping as complimentary to the travel experience to buy high end products.

Build on the Brand worth

Airports are places people trust, value and perceive as part of prestigious lifestyle. Any Brands advertised thereof imbibe and reflect the same impression of high-end luxurious lifestyle and top-notch quality.

Long duration engagement with people

With several stop points such as check in, waiting, boarding, baggage and more, time spent at the airport is comparatively a lot when people are less involved in their routine chores. This relaxed time offers an opportunity for Brands to engage and communicate their story with effect.

Reach out to the Decision makers

Frequent business flyers are often the people who matter in a company. They are the ones who have the most purchasing power and make decisions for their organization. Airport ads help to reach out to those coveted people who can help to sway purchase decisions in favor of the Brands advertised on Airports and Airlines.

Spot on results

Airport Ads offer immediate conversion, since the consumers are in spending frame of mind and duty free shopping is an attractive option for immediate purchase. Effective Brand campaigns at the Airport therefore have an added advantage for the Brands as well as consumers who get good deals!!

Zane Marketing, your best Channel Partner for Airport Ads.

Zane Marketing helps you get the most out of Airport Ads. A one-stop-solution for all kinds of airport ads, Zane provides memorable ads with innovative ideas along with booking the right spots to get your ads on board.

Zane – Helping your Brand fly to the Sky

Zane can help you develop captivating, highly targeted ads for this lucrative Branding channel that gives both hyperlocal targeting as well as national exposure. You can find out the reach numbers for an airport or airline on the Zane website or DGCA website. These numbers will give you an idea of how many flyers an airport or airline handles telling you about the potential of exposure Airport Ads can bring for your Brand. All prices and rates are also shared on our website.

Let your Brand Fly High with Zane!! 

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Zanians are magicians. We were a new company with a new website and they helped us build traction and amazing results within a first few months. They took us form obscurity to page one search engine results for most of our keywords.

Saurabh Kochhar

CEO @ GrowthFile

Zane Marketing brings a way of conducting business which simply can’t be measured in hard rupee bills. They’ve not only consistently generated significant ROI for us but also created a 360° platform for our consumers to connect through.

Rajat Pawar

Services Head @ Zepetto India Co.​

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